We have certain limitations at the time to our project . Some of them are temporary and some are not.

E.g. we start only from Moscow and we can provide cars only for one group of clients at a time. That's temporary – we've just started, but we've got ambitious plans to conquer the world

At the time being we developed tours on the central part of Russia. Here you may find the list of tours and descriptions to them:

Weekend tours

Longer tours 

What has been done

  • Open new branches, i.e. Starting points to our tours in Saint-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg etc.
  • Explore more remote areas of Russia such as Siberia, Ural, Caucas, Altai, Far East.
  • We will increase the number of the tours offered in central part of Russia,– pre-scout for new tours is going on permanently, even now when you are reading this we are either driving somewhere or analyzing acquired information on new tours. 

We will

  • Organize a complete off-road activities. There's a lot of those who do that, while we were thinking of another format of activity.
  • Increase volumes by lowering the quality. Any за the products will go in production only if they meet our high requirements on client satisfation that we established for ourselves.

We will not