The whole idea of organizing 4x4 trips around Russia focusing on history, culture and points that are away from the usual tourist routes crossed our minds from time to time while we were traveling ourselves. As we stared at the ruined and restored churches and monasteries and adored the beauty of the landscape we somehow came with the idea that we need to share all of that with the world.


  • We fly high

    We fly high

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  • We work like horses

    We work like horses

    No road too long for us. 
  • We care about our clients

    We care about our clients

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    We travel as a team

Russia is about long distances. And poor roads as well. You definitely need to see Moscow and St. Petersburg if it is your first time in Russia, but if you're interested in getting to feel the country you have to go a step further. Otherwise you miss small but significant towns,where history was made. Our ancient history (before Moscow eventually took the whole power on most of the territory) is a sequence of raises and falls of different “princedoms” These “Princedoms” were strong and independent for decades, were fighting amongst themselves for centuries before Moscow was even founded, let alone St. Petersburg which is a youngster according to our measures – just a little over 300 years old. And all of those used to be princedoms are now small towns that you'll never reach by plane. You may take a bus or a train, but you will miss the road to the place. We believe that it is the road with its surroundings that stays with you after the trip is over. Whereas if you take a car trip you will see those lakes and rivers, forests and fields, little churches or forgotten tracks that used to be the main traffic routes centuries ago, those villages that lay on the former trade routes that are now off the highways or railroads. You will see how life's organised there, and be amased by how little did the modern life touched the countrymen.

As for the roads’ quality, well, if you want to see the countryside you need to get off the highway that connects Moscow with the major town of the area and face the minor road with the remainings of pavement that better were not there, then unpaved roads, and if you're heading to that lonely half-ruined XVI century church you’ll have to challenge the field and forest mud road, then cross the river by wade, as the bridge was washed away 30 years ago.

So the appropriate car is needed, well we got it and yes you're going to drive it. It has all that it needs to face the road yet is easy to drive for everybody.  



We know that most of the people living outside of Russia think of it as a cold, covered with snow, dark and dangerous place full of bears mixed up with bearded men drinking vodka and eating caviar from a half of “matryoshka”. Well, it really is not that way. First there are no bears on the streets. Honestly. In fact you have to try really hard to find them even in the woods. Secondly, it is pretty hot in summer, and it is marvelous in winter, with bright sunshine reflecting in the sparkling snow.

We stay in best hotels available during our tours, eat in restaurants carefully selected to suit our customers

Our guides are professionals with years of experience in all sorts of expeditions, and you can be sure you are in good hands.

We provide health insurance for each person, our cars are insured and all of that is already included in the price payof the tour.

We're an officially registered company, our liability is insured, we have all the nessesary permits and papers to organise tours for foreign guests inside of Russia. Here you may find some official details

Russia is best described as a fairytale you find yourself in once you're there. All sorts of nature – deepest forests, endless fields, hills, lakes, rivers, purest springs, vast plains, indented lakes with woody islands, snowy mountains, majestic rivers, ramified caves. Long centuries of history full of ups and downs, victories and defeats, fame and declines, saints and villains, enormous culture heritage left in maisons, literature, fine art, architecture etc. We got it all, you name it.

Myths and truth about Russia

We eventually combined our idea with the abovementioned thoughts and started our project.

We established Territory RUS, prepared the cars, equipment, spent enourmous amount of time on the development of our first tours. The idea was to make them distant enough yet still reachable from Moscow and accesible for the novice in 4x4 driving.

We're in permanent motion, please read our future plans here.