Picking up the cars for our tours wasn’t an easy task.

On one hand it was clear right from the start that for moving on and over the types of roads that we do, we definitely needed simple and durable vehicles with good off-road capability. On the other hand, comfort and safety of our clients as well as ease of use were just as important.

Eventually we chose a somewhat unique car – Suzuki Jimny. Despite its «toyish» looks and a compact size it is a true off-roader, easily capable of tackling the toughest of terrain that we encounter on our routes, while at the same time it remains a comfortable modern car, light and maneuverable, equipped with all the necessary comfort and safety features automatic transmission, air-conditioning, ABS, driver and passenger airbags.

Ready to go!

  • Driving all over

    Driving all over

  • Cross-country


  • Crossing the river

    Crossing the river

Additionally, all our cars are equipped as follows:

  • Mud-Terrain tires in the summer, studded Mud+Snow tires during the winter, slightly larger than the stock size.
  • Raised air intake (Snorkel) – for worry-free water crossings
  • Steel bars front and rear for protection against body damage on forest roads.
  • Electric winch to get us out in case we get stuck
  • Complete underbody protection
  • Radioset (CB-radio) for receiving information from the guides and easy communication within the group

Ready to roll!