• The car is so small, how are we going to fit in there?

The car is really not too big, but for our purposes the size is just right. Both driver and passenger fit easily and comfortably on the front row, a couple of kids fit just fine in the back. We have spent quite some time thinking about it:

When travelling by car an ideal crew consists of two people – the driver and the co-driver (navigator). In our case these two are fully interchangeable as it is our guide-team that takes care of the navigation. A third adult member is always one too many - it is much harder to split the driving time (and thus half of the fun) among three persons than between two, plus sitting in the back you don’t get to see as much as when you are up front.

This is why we have made our choice in favor of a two-person car. As for kids, well they are quite comfortable, there is plenty of space for them in the back, and besides, they are not supposed to ride in the front anyway.

Suzuki Jimny has one more significant advantage over other serious 4x4’s – being so compact and easy to handle, it requires very little getting used to. This is, believe us, very important, as you will immediately start enjoying you trip instead of spending the first couple of hours stressfully “learning how to drive once again”. It is light and manuverable.

As for the baggage, we expect couple of sport bags per crew, but even if it doesn’t fit in the car we will take the rest of the baggage to Guides’ cars. However, as all of the equipment is supplied by us, we assume that you need to simply pack your clothes, grab a good mood and a smile, and that will easily fit in.

  • How does the car handle off-road? What is low gear 4WD and what do all those buttons and levers do?

Before we take off on our tour, we hold a short informational briefing, where provide you with the info vehicle controls and basic rules of convoy movement show you how to use the radio and answer all of your questions. On our way, as we come face to face with different kinds of obstacles, we provide additional instructions on how to cope with them. The guides are always there to tell you what button to push and what lever to pull, how to steer, and how much throttle is just enough (but not too much :-)) to carry you through. Also, if at any moment you feel tired, unsure or not capable enough to make it through an obstacle you can ask the guides to drive the car for you. We seriously doubt there will be too many of such situations, though, as the process of driving our well-prepared cars off-road is great fun.

  • How is the car equipped? Can I bring my CD’s & i-Pod with me?

All our cars are equipped with CD/CD-Mp3 players with auxiliary USB and i-Pod connections.