If you’re thinking of spending a vacation in Russia, but not limited to usual tourist spots, you want to see its nature in its entirety, get to remote places, look no further.

Like it was said Russia is about huge distances, and driving it through is the best way to get to know our country. To feel its unique culture, to sense its nature and understand it eventually. For centuries of its history it combined and mixed up lots of different cultures of many ethnicities, adding and integrating them all up to a great russian culture. To understand our “mysterious russian soul” you probably heard of. That it is not only and solely about the people that were born or live here, but about huge and powerfull territory that makes you Russian. Through our history lots of our historical figures were not born in Russia, but once they settled down here they became probably more Russian than the ones that lived their whole life here. Like Catherine The Great, one of the most admirable and beloved Empresses who did so much for Russia was born as Sophia Augusta Frederica in Stettin, Pomerania. She truly became Russian just by living here.

Well, longer tours will help you to discover what it is to be Russian.

Here are the tours available at the moment:

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