Moscow and St. Petersburg are the two capitals of Russia. One is venerable, patriarchal and hospitable, the other - young, European and imperial. The road between them is not just 700 km from southeast to northwest – it is the whole Russian history and geography in miniature. Moreover, we may state that this route represents Russia itself in dynamics and development. We start from the Grand Duchy of Moscow, approaching Novgorod find ourselves in the Tsardom of Russia, and finish in the capital of the Russian Empire. The advance of Russians to the Baltic Sea, to the cherished «window into Europe» was long and thorny. This earth is stained with blood generously: Russian, Tatar, Lithuanian, Swedish, German and even… Spanish soldiers have found their last resting place here. Therefore military cemeteries, frontier fortresses, artillery batteries, medieval citadels, mass graves and worship crosses will all be an integral part of our trip.

The path to the Baltic lies through the very heart of Russia - the Valdai Hills, where the three Great Russian Rivers - Volga, Dnieper and Western Dvina have their sources, and at the foot of which the Slavic sea - Lake Ilmen - stretches its waters. Take your time to stop for a minute and you will feel the groaning of the centuries under your feet. And it could hardly be otherwise on this ancient global intersection, this part of the legendary trade route from the Varangians to the Greeks, the important waterway, which has kept it’s great economic importance up until the end of XIX century.

It takes only one turn aside of the highway, and Russia will rise before you in all its many faces: the exquisite mansions of Catherine's grandees with belvederes and smoky peasant barns, assembled "in oblo"; gold-domed cathedrals and tiny cave churches; emperors' road palaces and tight coachman's log huts; spaghetti from Gaglioni restaurant in Tver and penny Valdai bagels. Having completed such a journey, along with an acquaintance with Moscow and St. Petersburg, you can confidently declare that you have truly seen Russia!

We invite you to take your time and spend a week travelling between the two Russian most important cities behind the wheel of a 4x4, going off the beaten track and visiting sights not usually included in the main tourist routes. We provide specially prepared cars, guidance, food and accommodation. Our friendly English-speaking guides will give necessary tuition and assistance and also make sure you get the best insight into Russian culture and history.

Moscow-St.Petersburg: Between the two Capitals

  • Novgorod the Great, Church of Blasius, 1407

    Novgorod the Great, Church of Blasius, 1407

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  • Ivangorod fortress, Leningrad region

    Ivangorod fortress, Leningrad region

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Moscow – Tver - Torzhok - Valday - Staraya Russa - Novgorod the Great - Ivangorod - Saint-Petersburg

The route goes through the territory of Moscow, Tver, Novgorod and Leningrad regions.

Total route mileage is 1800 km.

Highlights of the trip will include:

Tver and Torzhok towns

Vyshny Volochek water system

Iversky monastery and Valday national park

Former ballistic missiles bases

Velikiy Novgorod

Porchov, Ivangorod & Koporye medieval fortresses

Oranienbaum bridgehead - "Grey Horse" battery and "Red Hill" fort


The total duration of the tour is 7 days / 7 nights. All nights are spent in hotels, catering is mainly in restaurants.


The route is moderately complex. Daily mileages are around 200-300 km, about 50% of which is on unpaved and forest roads.Off-road can be easily overcome by beginners provided that you follow guides’ instructions.

The complexity of the route

Prices start from310 000 rublesfor a team of 2 (155 000rublesper person).

What is included in the price:

  • Car rent
  • Fuel
  • Accomodation
  • All meals
  • Car insurance (Third party liability+car damage)
  • Life and health insurance of all passengers
  • A separate car with 2 guides
  • Equipment needed for the off-road
  • Excursions
  • Off-road basics learning

Please contact us and we will provide you with all nessesary information.

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