100 kilometers of transparent water smooth surface, the area of 260 km², the coastline stretching over 500 km, 110 inflows and 160 islands. All this is about Seliger lake – unique natural object which alongside with the Upper Volga lakes is the amazing ecosystem stretched on border of the Tver and Novgorod regions.

Tens of thousands of tourists annually visit these places, but most of them do not move away from their resort. And much of the beauty of this land stays "behind the scenes" for them - as if they were on Seliger for the sake of appearance, but has seen little in fact.

We offer a trip around the entire lake system, and we are not going to miss anything.

Seliger lake and the source of the Volga

  • One of the route points

    One of the route points

  • The lake in winter

    The lake in winter

Moscow – Rzhev - Ostashkov - Moscow

The route goes through the territory of Moscow, Tver and Novgorod regions.

Total route mileage is 1500 km.

On our way we will: 

  • take a bathe in a wonderworking Okovetsky spring,
  • shudder, remembering the atrocities of the Nazis,
  • literally jump from one coast of the Volga to the other,
  • admire «Seliger's Kizhi» - three centuries old wooden church built «as high as the measure and beauty would prompt»,
  • pass along the shores of the purest Upper Volga lakes,
  • reach the largest Seliger island by boat and explore all of its 13 lakes,
  • liken ourselves to the thousands of pilgrims and call on the most visited monastery of the pre-revolutionary Russia,
  • learn to distinguish the traditional houses of Tver and Novgorod regions at a single glance.


The total duration of the tour is 7 days. The first day is fully spent on reaching Ostashkov - the starting point of our circle around the lake; within the last day we’ll be returning to Moscow. The remaining 5 days we spend in the woods of Seliger area, on the banks of numerous lakes and rivers, gradually rounding Seliger clockwise. All of the nights in this tour are in hotels and resorts, catering is mainly in restaurants. 


The route is moderately complex. Daily mileages are not exactly long - approximately 150 km, (except for the first and the last day – when we drive for 400 km), but mostly on unpaved and forest roads. Off-road can be easily overcome by beginners provided that you follow guides’ instructions.

The complexity of the route

Prices start from 290 000 rubles for a team of 2 (145 000 rubles per person).

What is included in the price:

  • Car rent
  • Fuel
  • Accomodation
  • All meals 
  • Car insurance (Third party liability+car damage)
  • Life and health insurance of all passengers
  • A separate car with 2 guides
  • Equipment needed for the off-road
  • Excursions
  • Off-road basics learning

Please contact us and we will provide you with all nessesary information.

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