Our tours are divided into two uneven groups – weekend tours and the longer ones

Click on tabs at the top of this page and you will find tour descriptions for all tours that are now offered. A description contains general tour info, duration, distance, accomodation specs etc, but we’re not laying all the cards on the table and the trip will be full of surprises for you.

The reason for that is that we basicaly offer an experience of diving into the atmosphere of remote Russia. We believe that this experience’s integrity depends on lack of exact expectations when every turn brings something new to you, either it is an astonishing view or a beautiful village with an ancient church. Nevertheless we provide all of the descriptions with general info of where basically we’re going with details enough for you to make your choice.

What our tours are

  • The road

    The road

  • Walls have ears

    Walls have ears

  • Bird's eye view

    Bird's eye view

  • No river too deep

    No river too deep

  • No mountain too high

    No mountain too high

  • The river is flat but the banks are steep

    The river is flat but the banks are steep

  • Back the field

    Back the field

  • Staritsa monastery

    Staritsa monastery

  • Woods


  • The well

    The well

Coming up with our product, we tried to make it simple and convenient, exciting, adventerous and active, yet available for newbies in 4x4 driving.

Please find a brief description of a tour with Territory RUS below.

The tour is a trip for a certain duration (weekend tours: 2-3 days, longer tours: 5-14 days) begining from the Starting Point and finishing at the same point at the end of the route.

The starting point of the tour - a cafe or a recreation center, located approximately 5 km from Moscow ring road , where you can leave your cars, have a snack before you leave, get brief instuctions and input on the route, get acquainted with the guides, vehicles, inventory and safety rules.

All of the clients may be transfered to the Starting Point if a request is made in advance.

Product in brief

We provide you with a car specially equiped to suit our goals. Here you may find some details about the cars. So, as it was said above we begin at the Starting Point. There we have a conference room where you will meet the team, get to know each other and our guides that will take care of you through the tour. The guides will give you a brief intro to the tour, provide you with safety instructions, and answer all of your questions. After that we proceed to the cars, where some additional instructions on the vehicles, radiosets, equipment and general rules of driving in a car group will be provided to you. And then, eventually, we leave off to the tour. We leave the main highways as soon as possible in favor of minor roads, heading to our main destination. As we drive an excurtion is held by a guide through a radioset.We stop at the Points of interest, where some additional info is told, you have the time to take a photo.

We provide cars and guidance

The second, or may be the first thing about our tours is driving the real Russian roads. We especially designed our tours in such way so you have a chance to enjoy the astonishing nature views between visiting the Points of Interest, while driving. Partly we did it to avoid the caledoscope of Points that you wouldn't remember or just be tired of, partly it is what Russia is about. The roads are not in a very good condition, shall we put it, and once we want to get to some church or a spring you have to go to the wood and take that «road». That is why all of our cars are prepared to easily drive over wood paths and unpaved roads.

Its fun, you will learn how to do it, offdriving training will be provided to you right on the spot. We do think that you're going to enjoy it. And you don't have to be an experienced offroad driver or anything. Our guides will lead you through, explain everything, and at the very second you say it is too hard for you, they will drive the car themselves. Just another small remark to proof that you got us right – it's not about getting into the dirtiest mud and winch off it for hours, its just enough to have fun yet to get some nice «i did it!» thought. And none of our tours have permanent Points Of Interest.. It is a mix.

overdriving on the Russian roads

Anyone can do it with us!

We stay at hotels on every weekend tour, mostly we eat in restaurants, and usually we have a lunch on the bank of a river. Also some snacks and beverages are provided for each car team.

On longer tours sometimes we stay in a camp, every team gets a tent. All of the possible amenities are provided – shower, electricity etc. It is always mentioned in a tour description. Hotels are provided nightly on some of the longer tours. Always check it when you book a tour.

We drive back to Moscow after a weekend tours and do our best to get to the Starting Point at 23:00 but as we get closer to Moscow there's always some traffic and we may arrive a bit later. That's why we start at 8:00 the day before. Getting up early is a way better option rather than spending an hour in the morning traffic. 

Comfy, cozy

we'll make sure you're safe and sound