The most important step in unification of Rus was almost 200-year rivalry between Moscow and Tver for leadership in this process. Looking at today's provincial Tver with its population less, than of Makhachkala, it is difficult to believe that it successfully challenged superiority of Moscow and could have become the capital of Russia if things . In 1317 Tver forces even defeated the Muscovites on the battlefield, but very few people know this episode and even less who have seen the place of this battle.

We invite you to go there together with us – on the way to the ancient Staritsa where we are awaited by labyrinths of amazing caves, we will certainly make stop on the Bortenevsky field and recall the fate of St. Michael of Tver’, martyred for such a glorious victory. 

Mysterious Staritsa

  • The Monastery of the Assumption

    The Monastery of the Assumption

Moscow - Staritsa - Moscow

The route goes through the territory of Moscow and Tver’ regions.

Total length of the route 600 - 650 km.

On our way we will:

  • pass through the most ancient city of the Moscow Region
  • honor the memory of the fallen heroes of the Great Patriotic War: fictional 28 Panfilovtsy, as well as the quite real Kremlin Cadets
  • meditate over the water: the cascades of the first domestic hydroelectric power station and the most beautiful sight of the Volga on all its course
  • recite the verses of Alexander Pushkin, Russia's greatest poet, in the place where three important women in his life once lived
  • find out where they began to produce the first Russian cheese
  • try not to startle the bats in the abandoned quarries
  • will not believe our own eyes, when a Gothic cathedral is revealed in the solitude of Tver lands


Daily run is about 300 km; time spent behind the wheel is around 6 hours per day. With stops and a lunch break. 



Off-road can be easily overcome by beginners provided that you follow guides’ instructions. 

The complexity of the route

Prices start from 75 000 rubles for a team of 2 (37 500 rubles per person) and include the following::

  • Car rent
  • Fuel
  • Accomodation
  • Meals (1st day: coffee break in the morning, lunch, dinner, 2nd day: breakfast, lunch)
  • Car insurance (Third party liability+car damage)
  • Life and health insurance of all passengers
  • A separate car with 2 guides
  • Equipment needed for the off-road
  • Excursions
  • Off-road basics learning

Please contact us and we will provide you with all nessesary information.

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