“A pretty little town Torzhok has appeared In front of us” - wrote in her traveler’s diary children's book author Alexandra Ishimova in 1846.

It seems that Torzhok was pleasant to all, and you can imagine how many travelers drove through it for those 150 years when it was an unavoidable stop between two Russian capitals.

Zhukovsky and Pushkin, Gogol and Ostrovsky, Turgenev and Tolstoy stayed in Torzhok. Academician Lihachev wrote that all Russian culture of XIX century had passed through hotel of Pozharsky in Torzhok.

We invite you to visit this nicest town. And by the way, we'll show you a lot of other interesting things.

Torzhok: Golden Age of Provincial Russia

  • The Kremlin of Torzhok

    The Kremlin of Torzhok

  • Torzhok


Moscow - Torzhok - Moscow

The route goes through the territory of Moscow and Tver regions.

Total route milage is 700 - 750 km.

On our way we will:

  • send our best regards to the Non-possessors from the richest monastery of Russia,
  • stand on the ramparts of an ancient castle and try to understand, how once princedoms' capitals have nowadays turned into small forgotten towns and villages,
  • pass the ancient trade route along the Tvertsa river,
  • follow the recommendations of Alexander Pushkin, Russia's greatest poet, and taste the legendary Pozharsky chicken cutlets,
  • visit the wonderful mansion of "the Russian Leonardo",
  • stand on an ingenious stone bridge,
  • visit a unique wooden architechture museum under the open sky,
  • see the Russian Leaning tower of Pisa.


Daily run is about 350 km; time spent behind the wheel is around 6,5 hours per day. With stops and a lunch break.


Off-road can be easily overcome by the beginners provided that you follow guides’ instructions.

The complexity of the route

Prices start from 75 000 rubles for a team of 2 (37 500 rubles per person) and include the following:

  • Car rent
  • Fuel
  • Accomodation
  • Meals (1stday: coffee break in the morning, lunch, dinner, 2ndday: breakfast, lunch)
  • Car insurance (Third party liability+car damage)
  • Life and health insurance of all passengers
  • A separate car with 2 guides
  • Equipment needed for the off-road
  • Excursions
  • Off-road basics learning

Please contact us and we will provide you with all nessesary information.

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