Woodless spaces of eastern regions surrounding Moscow are traditionally called “Vladimirskoe Opol’e”. This area is known as a part of the most famous Russian tourist route – the Golden Ring. The enormous fertile fields of North-Easterrn Russia have always attracted and beckoned the Slavs. There was a large amount of colonists who initially came here from the south of Russia in search for a quiter place further away from court nobility high-handedness and closer to the heavy crops. Thanks to that the Suzdal principality eventually took a start and a new ruling dynasty of Vladimir and Suzdal princes had appeared. Grand Princes from this dynasty for a long time determined the way of Russias future development and left a huge heritage of outstanding towns Suzdal, Vladimir, Yurev-Polskoy and other, most of which we are going to visit during the three days of our tour.

We invite you to get acquainted with the ups and downs of the princely intrigues, strife, ambitions and cunning political calculations, which all played a very significant role in the future formation of Moscow Russia. You will touch the centuries-old monuments of ancient architecture, get to feel the atmosphere of medieval Russian towns and wild pass through the ancient Opole driving over the remains of legendary Stromynka and Vladimirka roads.

Vladimir & Suzdal: Along the roads of ancient Rus

  • Rozhdestvensky cathedral (XII cent), Suzdal'

    Rozhdestvensky cathedral (XII cent), Suzdal'

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  • Sunset over Danilovo village Abandoned church

    Sunset over Danilovo village Abandoned church

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  • Negotiating the Shatura swamps in early spring

    Negotiating the Shatura swamps in early spring

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  • Through the endless fields of Opol'e

    Through the endless fields of Opol'e

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MoscowVladimir Suzdal - Yur’ev-Polskoy Moscow.

The route goes through the territory of Moscow, Vladimir and Ivanovo regions.

Total length of the route is 750 km.

On our way we will:

  • dive into the world of traditional Russian folk arts and enrich ourselves with the secrets of the famous Gzhel painting;
  • drive tricky roads through the legendary swamps, which used to feed the"lighting capital " of the Moscow region;
  • take off our hats, getting on the notorious"Vladimirka" - thelongest road of the country;
  • proudly enter the ancient capital of the Vladimir-Suzdal Rus through the front gate and marvel at the diversity of the most beautiful white-stone carving patterns;
  • try to understand the vicissitudes of Prince Andrei Bogolyubsky on the site of the most ancient white-stone castle;
  • stand on the North-Eastern border of ancient Rus and take a nice walk through a river meadow to its most beautiful church;
  • see where they languished all the "mad convicts" and disgraced "first ladies" of the state;
  • rush through endless fields of “Opolye” taking a piece of the ancient trading Stromynka road;
  • learn where they make the legendary tea cup holders familiar to every passenger of the Russian railroads.


Daily run is about 300 km; time spent behind the wheel is around 6 hours per day. With stops and a lunch break.



Off-road can be easily overcome by beginners provided that you follow guides’ instructions.

The complexity of the route

Prices start from 125 000 rubles for a team of 2 (62 500 rubles per person) and include the following:

  • Car rent
  • Fuel
  • Hotel accomodation (2 nights)
  • Meals (Day-1: coffee break in the morning, lunch, dinner, Day-2: breakfast, lunch & dinner, Day-3: breakfast & lunch)
  • Car insurance (Third party liability+car damage)
  • Life and health insurance of all passengers
  • A separate car with 2 guides
  • Equipment needed for the off-road
  • Excursions
  • Off-road basics learning

Please contact us and we will provide you with all nessesary information.

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